Motore FANTOM 13.5T ICON Pro Spec (FAN19313S)


Fantom 13.5 ICON Pro Spec Motor


BRCA Legal


Designed in the USA, we are proud to announce the all new ICON Series racing motors!


Ground Breaking Technology! We have forever changed the RC Industry and the way racers think about tuning motors!


The heart of the new ICON is our "Patented" (U.S. Patent D823,803) designed stator and patent pending "Tuning Pins". These 2 key elements will be total game changers for your racing program! Our patented design stator provides maximum torque while producing the most insane RPM ever seen before! Plus we've also added the ability to fine tune your motor via "Patent Pending Tuning Pins". That's correct, another first from Fantom! With our unique design, we've totally eliminated the need for stator screws. Instead we've replaced them with "Tuning Pins" which allows you to fine tune the Torque vs RPM of your motor! Why settle for an all purpose motor when you can have a motor designed to fit your exact application!


Up your game and see for yourself why the all new ICON truly is a Game Changer! Whether you race On-Road or Off-Road, 1S or 2S.....We've got you covered!!

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