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K189 - Kit Formula 1 "ICON"

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Schumacher Icon – An innovative new approach to RC Formula.
After a long run of successes in multiple electric racing classes, including a double LMP12 World championship, Schumacher’s engineering team have applied their expertise to the formula class. The result is the Icon, an innovative new approach to RC Formula racing. The Icon is designed for maximum rear traction to make an easy to drive car, but maintains plenty of steering to satisfy the most demanding drivers. The Icon prototypes have been extensively tested and raced in the UK, Germany, and Italy, and have proved to be fast and agile. The Icon features all the adjustments you need to be dialled on both carpet and asphalt tracks.

K189 - Kit Formula 1 "ICON"
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K185 - SCHUMACHER ECLIPSE 3 -- PanCar 1:12


Automodello Elettrico PanCar 1:12

Modello - Novembre 2019


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K185 - SCHUMACHER ECLIPSE 3 -- PanCar 1:12
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